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SMS Solution Server Plus+
Great software for your company to serve your clients!

Solution Server Plus+ Version 2.0                                                                           $2,495.00
The system sends out text messages directly to your clients without using dial up modems and the clients have the ability to answer back!
Solution Server Plus+ helps you by eliminating t​he need to maintain TAP modem phone numbers and email addresses of cellular phone companies. Don’t scramble to change dial strings when a client changes cellular phone providers.
Send SMS (text) messages to any SMS enabled phone world-wide on any cellular network.

- SMS to Email
- Email to SMS
- Message Confirmation
 Can even be configured to have the client reply and mark the message as delivered with no staff time required!
- Extensive logging is built in.

1)         This does not include an activated GSM phone or modem and the client is required to provide that.
2)         Amtelco’s eVoiceLink and eVoiceLink Msgs->Database feature is required so eVoiceLink can write records to the SMSServer’s database
3)         Amtelco’s Backup Op Export is needed so SMS Server can create/deliver messages in Infinity.
 The client can respond and deliver the message with no operator intervention!​
4)         The system comes with two modem licenses. 

               Additional licenses are available at $250.
5) Note that the one-time investment fee includes the first year maintenance.

​Enhanced Messaging  Bundle                                                                                   $1,250.00
Call Forward Check Module
You schedule a time for the Solution Server Plus+ to make the call. The system automatically calls the client’s telephone number.
If it is forwarded the call goes back into the Infinity.
The system checks to see if the call made it through.
If yes, no further action is taken.
If no a message is popped to an operator to take action (as in call the client and have them go back to the office to turn on call forwarding)
Note that this requires the customer to have an analogue telephone line and a modem.
Documents on Demand
Automatically send from a list of pre-loaded documents to email addresses.
SMS Scheduler/Assurance
Schedule pre-defined SMS messages or e-mails. This feature also allows you to schedule follow up actions depending on if responses are received.
Broadcast messages as created by your agents, or by inbound SMS and email. With pre-defining Messages, List and List Members, you are able to trigger message broadcasts at any time by sending an SMS or email message to the SMSServer.
Canned Text
Pre-define text and insert it into a message using special characters.
When Solution Server Plus+ processes the message, it replaces the special characters with the text.
Note;      ​ The one-time initial investment fee includes the first year maintenance.

Parsing                                                                                                                       $1,250.00
This is so powerful! Create rules for processing messages based on sender, recipient, subject (if email) and message content. Rules can trigger various actions including forwarding, replying, message creation, SQL database saves, and launching Windows programs. Rules can have day/time options controlling when to run, and actions can have configurable escalation options.
Note that the one-time investment fee includes the first year maintenance.

Tiger Text, Qliq and Doc Halo Secure Messaging Support                               $750.00
The SMS Solution Server Plus+ is able to connect to multiple secure message suppliers!
For Tiger Text, it is a two way connection.
We send out the message via WCTP.
 As soon as it is “delivered” to the recipient we can log that fact.
 As soon as it is “read” by the recipient we can log that fact. Some clients have this deliver the message in Infinity.
 The recipient can send a reply. When received by the SMS Server some clients have this “POP” the Infinity account to show the reply to a Call Taker.
Since our SMS Server client may have multiple clients who use Tiger Text, we support multiple accounts.
As with all things in the SMS Server we log everything!
For some background technical information, we connect to Tiger Text via IP.
They don’t “push” the information and we have set up the SMS Server to Poll the Tiger Text infrastructure at a selectable interval. (Often 20 or 30 seconds)
Note that Doc Halo doesn't support Reply at this time.
Note that the one-time investment fee includes the first year maintenance.



For Support, call 1(800) 788-1561 or email Support@Tas-Innovations.com

All new sales will have a maintenance plan attached to the initial purchase. This provides Tas Innovations with a stable source of funding to make sure a trained IT Specialist is available to serve you and to cover some of the fixed costs of maintaining a service department.

For those existing clients who previously purchased the software the following maintenance plan is available.
This provides you with ease in budgeting to cover ongoing maintenance and includes software revisions as they become available. 

 Software Module   Monthly Maintenance Charges
Solution Server Version 2.0                  $50.00
Enhanced Messaging Bundle               $25.00
Parsing                                                               $25.00
Work Alone supervision                          $10.00
Secure Messaging integration             $25.00
Paging Module                                              $25.00

All clients signing up to maintenance will be upgraded to Version 2.0X at no charge.
This version includes some bug fixes, performance and stability enhancements and in the event of a problem makes for a quicker resolution and shorter down time to your clients.


 Periodically, software is updated and released which will update the system to include the latest changes. An update will be either a Generic Improvement or a Feature Option.

Generic Improvements are program changes that make the software more reliable and maintainable, may give additional management information and diagnostic tests, or may offer operations improvements to make the system work more effectively. These are provided to Support Agreement customers at no charge. If hardware/software requirements are exceeded, there may be an additional cost.

Feature Options are special purpose modules such as Parsing, Scheduling etc. Feature Options may be added for a specific fee depending on the feature requested. Customers with a Support Agreement are frequently offered discounts on these packages.


For those clients who are looking to move their software from one server to another, changing locations, etc. or have not yet signed up to a maintenance plan service will be charged on a per hour basis.
 Minimum one hour at $175.00 per hour.
 Overtime at time and a half, minimum three hours.
 Business hours are 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday Eastern Standard Time.